Mark's Mobile RV Service, LLC
Serving Treasure Valley RV needs with convenient mobile services.


Sales and Service of: Air Conditioners, Awnings, Electrical, Furnaces, Landing gear,
      Plumbing, Propane (LP), 
Refrigerators, Slide-outs, Water Heater, Vents, and more!  
(208) 375-3636  Mon-Fri 8:00 to 4:00

           RVIA Certified  
 Master Technician

Examples of some repairs and services performed

Listed below are some of the services and repairs I perform.

Most repairs are guaranteed for 1 year (new parts installs). It is a matter of pride for me to stand behind all my work.

  Air Conditioner Sales and Service
I work on all makes and models of rooftop air conditioners. 

Nothing beats a well running air conditioner on hot days.  Make sure all your vents are fully open and airways are clear.  These units need to breathe freely to operate properly!  It is a main reason for many calls regarding performance issues.
RV Air Conditioners cannot be recharged with refrigerant, you must replace the unit.  

If you need a new unit, I usually have one Brisk Air II and one Coleman Mach 3 on hand during the hottest months(13.5K BTU).  If not in stock, it takes me 2 business days to get one.

Furnace Sales and Service
I keep a good inventory of motors, circuit boards, sail switches and other parts in stock for the most common furnaces.  I have replacement motors for all the Suburban SF models, a few Suburban NT models, and a few Atwood models.

I am a service center for both Suburban and Atwood.

A warm trailer on a chilly morning is a wonderful thing!

Water Heater Sales and Service
Water heater service/repair/replacement. 

Remember to be alert when you open the cover, Wasps love to build nests here.

I repair plumbing, electrical, and propane issues on all appliances.

Refrigerator Sales and Service
Refrigerator Sales and Service.  I also install new cooling units if yours has failed.

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than having the refrigerator stop working.  The RV absorption refrigerators are unique in operation, and cannot be expected to perform as efficiently as a household unit.  Knowing how to work within the limitations of you RV fridge is as important as keeping it in good working order.

Always make sure your RV is comfortably level before you run your refrigerator for long periods.  Not doing so can permanently damage them.

I am a service center for Dometic, Norcold, and Atwood.

Awnings, Slide Toppers, Solar Panels, Vents, Roof Maintenance, Slide outs, and more

Awning and slide topper installs and fabric replacement. Awnings for patio shade, Slide toppers to keep moisture and debris out of the RV, help the air conditioner work less, and help preserve the seals.  I am a Dometic and Carefree Service Center.

Solar panel installs, the perfect accessory for dry camping.
Keeps your batteries topped off so you don't have to worry about running low on power.

Keeps batteries charged throughout the winter, eliminating the need to charge monthly, or remove it to keep it from freezing.

The sun is hard on everything, and your RV's roof takes a beating.  Preventative maintenance is quite cheap when compared to the alternative.

               I service both electric and hydraulic slide outs and levelers.

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